Prior to your child starting playgroup you will receive a pastoral care policy pack.  Please ensure you read these policies. A file containing all the settings policies, can be found in the hallway and is available for you to read.  If you have any queries regarding these policies please feel free to ask any member of staff.



We hope that you have no cause for complaint at Playgroup.  Should there be any cause for complaint, the staff will be only too happy to discuss any problems that may have arisen. If the staff cannot resolve a complaint, there is a formal complaints procedure in place, a copy of which can be found on display in the hall. Please contact the leader or committee member who will aim to rectify the problem promptly.



Playgroup has an open door policy and we invite all families to share any information, concerns or questions regarding their child with the staff team.  This can be done by speaking to the staff member on the door, who will organise a suitable time for a meeting.  However we would like to ask parents/carers to refrain from sharing concerns with the staff member on the door for confidentiality purposes and also as it is their responsibility to ensure the security of the children as they enter and exit the group.


Children who are ill, or have been ill during the previous night should not be brought to Playgroup. Any child with common infectious diseases must comply with the stipulations of the doctor. Children should not return for 48 hours to prevent cross infection.

If a child is taken ill at playgroup he/she is moved to a quiet area and the parent/carer will be contacted and asked to come and collect the child.


When you collect your child at the end of the session please be prompt, as a few minutes may seem a long time to a child waiting. It is important, if you are not collecting your child yourself, that you tell the member of staff on the door. A child will never be allowed to leave the premises with anyone about whom we have not been notified or who we have no written consent for.


As part of best practice guidelines outlined by the HSCT, no person is permitted to collect a child from playgroup who is under 18 years of age.


If an emergency arises and you cannot pick up your child yourself please contact the playgroup


Telephone: 02870825862

Mob: 07541555126