September places

1st May 2020

Thank you to everyone who applied to to Portrush Community Playgroup for a Pre school space.  It means a lot that so many of you want your child's learning journey to start with us ❤  Sadly this year we were oversubscribed and couldnt accept everyone. We understand how disappointing this must be as we would have loved for everyone to get a space.  However, we had to adhere to the admissions criteria, policies and procedures in place.

If you have been offered a place, please remember to email to accept or decline your child's pre school place.

If you have any queries about your child's pre school place or the Admissions process and criteria, please email the above or go to 

If you have received a letter from the Education Authority that your child has not been offered any funded place for the 2020/2021 school year you should:-

Consult the list of pre-school providers that still have funded places available at the close of the Stage 1 pre-school admissions procedure on the EA’s website at

Identify those pre-school providers that you wish to consider your child’s application. Study the provider(s) admission criteria, which can be accessed under ‘Find a Pre-School/School and admissions criteria’ on the website at 

Complete and return the nomination of further preference form which was enclosed with the letter from the Education Authority.  The completed form should be returned as soon as possible to the Pre-School Admissions Office, not later than 4.00pm on Tuesday 5 May 2020 preferably by email:-

Email to or

By post to     Education Authority (Pre-School Admissions), 1 Hospital Road, Omagh, BT79 0AW

Should your further preference form/additional information be received after 4.00pm on Tuesday 5 May 2020 it will be considered as ‘late’ in Stage 2 of the pre-school admissions procedure. 

Due to the current Playgroup closure, we are in the process of working out how to get registration packs to you all and will be in touch.